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NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO be a part of the next big thing in boxing!


SHADOW FIGHTER™ is a boxing program like no other. It uses the latest high tech sensors from Hykso to track every punch you throw – how many, the velocity and the intensity. And it reports your progress with live results as you train. You won’t just feel like you’re improving — you’ll know exactly HOW you’re improving.

Get live feedback

See your punch velocity, intensity and which punches you are throwing in real-time to make sure you’re meeting your goals during every single round.

Track your progression

Log the drills you do regularly and track your progression over time to make sure your training yields the expected results.

Know where you stand

Compare your speed, punch count and intensity with others in the class on our large screen TV’s. This not only allows you to easily monitor your own performance but to provide motivation to do even better than others around you.



The “HYKSO” wearable sensor calculates the amount of punches being thrown, types of punches and speed. The sensors are designed to be worn inside of the boxing wraps and use two independent accelerometers plus a gyroscope for full 3D motion tracking.

During your training session, the sensor gives a detailed breakdown of your workout allowing you to see tangible improvements in speed and volume as well as enabling for the quantification of targeted percentages of any punch type. The recording of such data allows your trainer to draw a lot of insight in to your performance.


The Intensity Score is a proprietary metric that will be core to your experience using “HYKSO”:

Created to measure the output exertion of the motion (This is not the same as the energy transferred to the bag / object being punched).

It is a number that starts at 0 at the beginning of each round and every punch you throw increases the value until the round is over, where you see that round’s Intensity Score.

The amount that it increases by depends on many factors, such as punch velocity, punch type and how well you generate the speed behind the punch (optimally a short time duration with a very high acceleration).

A 3-tiered system has been created to further reward punches with large amounts of effort and energy behind them.

Each tier drastically increases the Intensity Score, so for the highest score you would need to always throw the largest volume of Tier 3 punches so it’s a trade-off between volume and intensity. Basically, you should push yourself to punch as hard and as much as possible during a training and you’ll be getting a better and better Intensity Score!

Use it to benchmark your effort during a workout. For example, you can run the same drill twice and aim to improve your Intensity Score. You can also monitor your Intensity Score between your drills to see which ones push you hard.



The lead (front) hand thrown in a quick/sharp manner. It’s said the fastest Jab is the most relaxed Jab. Use this punch to set up combinations and to measure distance. The fist should rotate inward 90 degrees like pouring out a mug. The hand should come back to the face as fast as its struck forward. Think of it like whipping a towel, producing a “sting” effect with the glove. This is the most used punch in boxing.


Thrown with either hand towards the side of a target. The speed and power comes from legs and hips to get rotation. The foot should pivot and the heel point outward to allow for greater range. When extended, imagine pulling a cape across your face for correct form. This punch is hard to master but devastating when executed correctly.


The rear hand thrown with more power. The glove starts at the chin, travels across the chest/shoulder and lands with the rear shoulder and hips rotating forward. Like the jab, rotate the fist 90 degrees before landing and snap the punch off the bag and back to the chin where it started. The legs are critical as weight must be transferred from back to front in unison with the arms and then recoil back. Think of a lunge exercise when practicing. The cross can be the most satisfying punch to throw when done correctly.


Thrown with either hand, and typically at close range. Imagine punching upward underneath a crossbar. Rotate hips just like a cross for the backhand upper cut and like a hook for lead hand upper cut. Remember to KEEP YOUR HANDS UP when throwing all punches but especially these as the tendency is to drop them. Use less arm and more shoulder to keep form correct. The upper cut can be used at all sorts of angles and heights and will give your arms that lean chiselled look.


Today is as good a day as ever to try out the program everyone’s talking about: SHADOW FIGHTER™

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