It’s no secret that flexibility training is an important part of any athletes programme, so why is it that so many people decide to skip out on this vital part of their training?

Many feel that it isn’t necessary for them, and not to discriminate, but this kind of thinking is more prominent in males than it is females. How on earth would going to yoga help them become a faster runner, to become a fast runner you just have to run lots right?

Well we know for sure this isn’t true. There are a multitude of benefits from incorporating that all important flexibility training, regardless of what kind of athlete you are:

Injury prevention

There is nothing worse than being at your peak fitness and then losing it all because of some silly avoidable injury. By improving your awareness of your body mechanics, you in turn reduce the risk of those pesky niggles turning into injuries that put you out for long periods of time.

Increased power

Your speed, strength and power are directly related with proper body mechanics. The efficiency in which we transfer energy across our body is much higher when our bodies are properly aligned.

Increased recovery

Yoga seriously enhances your circulation and lymphatic flow, which in turn allows your muscle cells to metabolise byproducts such as lactic acid quicker, speeding up growth and repair and giving you less of that post workout soreness.

Improved focus

It is often overlooked, but I consider this a perfectly valid reason as to why you should consider taking up yoga every now and again. Those of you that have ever done a yoga class will know the calming, decluttering effect it can have on you, leaving you feeling determined and focused on many other important parts of your life, whether that’s work, study or training!

So with all these amazing benefits, there really isn’t any excuse as to why you shouldn’t be including some form of flexibility training into your workout, especially as The Corporate Fitness centre offers free yoga sessions for free for all of its members; every Tuesday evening at 8 pm!